Domestic Violence Survivor Takes a Picture Every Day For a Year


A video about domestic violence uploaded by a Croatian YouTube user is garnering a lot of attention online.

The clip entitled "One Photo a Day in The Worst Year of my Life" features a woman who appears to be a victim of violence and takes a picture of herself everyday for an entire year. As the video progresses, the amount of choke marks, bruises and signs of internal bleeding increase and become painfully hard to watch. 

Although we aren't sure if the video features an actual domestic violence survivor or if it is part of a domestic violence campaign, its impact is strong. Only 48 hours after being posted, it has attracted almost 120,000 views.

Despite all the mystery that still surrounds the video, its message about the serious consequences of domestic violence is clear. The video urges the viewer to act and ends with the woman holding a sign that reads:

"Help Me. I Don't Know if I'll Make it to Tomorrow."