Barack-etology 2013: Who Did President Obama Pick This Year?


One of the best traditions of President Obama's presidency, more important than the presidential pardon of the turkey around Thanksgiving, is his bracket.  While Obama typically goes all-chalk, this year, he deviated from that a bit.  He has six round of 64 upsets, yet only one upset to make the Sweet 16 (the Wisconsin Badgers for those keeping score at home).  His Elite Eight features two one seeds (Indiana and Louisville), three two seeds (Duke, Ohio State, and Miami), one three seed in Florida, a four seed in Michigan, and a five seed in Wisconsin after they upset Gonzaga.  His Final Four features Louisville, Ohio State, Florida, and Indiana with Louisville and Indiana facing off in the title game.  Last year, Obama correctly selected two of the Final Four teams; however, he incorrectly guessed North Carolina as the National Champion, who bowed out in the Elite Eight after the wrist injury suffered by Kendall Marshall.  In this year's bracket, President Obama selected the Indiana Hoosiers to win it all.  Will he be right?  Only time will tell.  You can track his bracket here on ESPN.