Hillary Clinton Hacked: Confidential Memos Unearth New Information About Benghazi


The hacker who goes by the name of “Guccifer” released a series of confidential memos involving Hillary Clinton and Benghazi over the weekend. The release of these memos will cast further doubts over the timeline given by the administration leading up to and after the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. The attack killed four officials including US envoy to Libya Chris Stephens.  

Sidney Blumenthal, 64, has been a close friend of the Clinton’s for decades and was a regular advisor to the Secretary of State. Blumenthal found out his account had been compromised on March 14 after he was unable to log-in to his email. The hacker retrieved email correspondence dating back to 2005. So far, only correspondence between Clinton and Blumenthal has been released. 

The Smoking Gun believes that Blumenthal was a target because of his relationship to Clinton. When Guccifer emailed the contents of the four memos to a list of contacts, the hacker copy and pasted the original Word attachments into clean documents to avoid detection. He also gave them a makeover by changing the font to Comic Sans and making the background pink. The memos Guccifer focused on were sent over the last five months and concern the developments in Libya and Syria. 

Russian Television released the contents of two of the memos. An email marked confidential sent on September 12 suggests that Clinton was fed the wrong information directly after the attack. 

“A senior security officer told [interim Libyan President Mohammed Yussef] el Magariaf that the attacks on that day were inspired by what many devout Libyans viewed as a sacrilegious internet video on the prophet Mohammed originating in America. The Libya attacks were also inspired by and linked to an attack on the US mission in Egypt on the same day.”

A memo sent on February 16 draws possible connections between the attacks on Libya and a hostage crisis in neighboring Algeria. This clearly contrasts with the reasoning given in the September 12 memo. RT has not released the contents of the other two memos and is known to be friendly to the Putin government. Without additional information it is impossible to draw any conclusions about the contents of these emails.

Guccifer spoke with TSG, he said he is releasing these memos to shed light on what he called, “the evil leading this f***ed up world” and the illuminati. No one knows who or where he is or what his ultimate plans are. Guccifer has also targeted Colin Powell and relatives of the Bush family.

It is possible that the contents of these memos were edited to reflect a certain viewpoint or vendetta. Neither Hillary Clinton or Sidney Blumenthal have issued official statements regarding the contents of these emails. Either way, the release of these memos will successfully reignite the controversy over Benghazi.