Roman Polanski is a Rapist, In Case You Forgot


Roman Polanski is an award winning director, deft writer, underrated actor, but more importantly, convicted rapist.

Cases of rape have been rampant in the news lately, and we know Polanski’s conviction occurred nearly 40 years ago, but let's not forget the only time he served was 42 days for a psych evaluation. Since then, he has sauntered through Europe as a free man completing film after film, but remember, he fed Quaaludes and champagne to a 13 year old. He even won an Oscar for the 2002 film, The Pianist, but if we recall, he did sodomized a child after having a dalliance with another one.

Polanski faced extradition for being arrested in Switzerland in late 2009, but that was rejected because of an overzealous, and now deceased judge. This event is documented in the new film by Marina Zenovich, Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out. As one can easily detect, I’m not too eager to see it, and nobody truly should either.

This is a follow up to Zenovich’s 2008 film, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, and although the latter did excel with highlighting our swindling judicial system and how ravenous the media can be, it constructed excuse after excuse for the director’s revolting act. I recognize Judge Rittenband’s conduct was improper during the original trial and the prosecutor offered a soft plea deal, yet it’s still baffling that the judge was rendered as the villain and the rapist as the victim.

Judging by the trailer, Odd Man Out appears to rehash the incompetence of our justice system, and as much as I revel in bashing the law, unlike Polanski trailing a gaggle of girl scouts, that’s a plot I cannot get behind. I don’t disagree that Rittenband was self-righteous and fame hungry, and I won’t dispute the mother of victim should of exercised better judgment. I will not, however, concede that Polanski is a casualty in this ordeal; he’s always been free to roam and create.

As far as Polanski’s Oscar win was for his achievements on screen is concerned, I harbor no beef with that. It’s the rousing applause he received that ruffles me; Hollywood has a wonky approach with its deviants. I believe Polanski is sincere with his apology, and considering the victim Samantha Geimer accepted, I guess we can all forgive him. I will acknowledge he doesn't deserve to be placed behind bars, but I certainly won’t place him on a pedestal either.