PolicyMic Social Media Guidelines


PolicyMic's social media guidelines are based on the 10 Rules We Live By. Our crowd-sourced and community-oriented identity allow us to extend naturally to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram and other social networks — both to promote our users' personal brands and spread PolicyMic's brand.

We encourage our users to actively participate in social networks to help gather data, stay current on the news, be part of the conversation, and promote their work in an opinionated, yet professional and respectful manner (which follows our mission of engaging millennials in high quality and thoughtful online discussion about news and current events).

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Our community comes first. That's why we friend and follow each of our users and encourage them to do so back. We push our best original, high quality content through our social media channels, and retweet and reblog the content posted by our users on theirs (with the goal of continually leveraging and growing each other's social media footprint). In addition, we share content from other news outlets that we think will be interesting, informative, and/or entertaining for millennials.

We integrate our social media strategy into our editorial news calendar, and routinely ask for our followers' feedback and news tips to help cover upcoming events. We're transparent; not afraid to take and defend a stand, but also ready to admit when we've made a mistake — in real time. 

Lastly, we're mindful of the ever-evolving nature of social media, as well as the need to curate content specifically for each platform. Thus, we're constantly engaging social audiences by speaking and listening to them in their own language(s) both online and offline.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback in the comments section. You also can contact Alex Marin, PolicyMic's Social Media and Trends Editor, by emailing to alex@policymic.com or tweeting to @marin_alex.