Kate Upton Prom Invitation: Will She Accept the Jake Davidson Invite?


High school is arguably one of the hardest times in a person’s life. Teens can get overwhelmed with issues like acne, homework, college applications, and of course: finding a date for prom. But things just got a lot better for senior, Jake Davidson from Sherman Oaks, California. It’s no doubt that there is any shortage of hallway high-fives in Jake Davidson’s schooldays ever since last Saturday when he somehow got the guts to make a YouTube video asking Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Kate Upton to his senior prom in May. Not only did he succeed in making an adorable video that now has well over one million views and counting, but shockingly he got a response from Upton!

She wrote to Davidson through Twitter after seeing the video on Tuesday, “You can call me Katie if you want! How could I turn down that video! I’ll check my schedule.”

And with this one fateful tweet, Davidson has become not only a star in study hall but also a known name across the country. He has even appeared on a few talk shows, including the Today Show where, unbeknown to Davidson, Upton was brought on over the phone to share her first words with her future prom date. Needless to say, Davidson was shocked and thrilled to hear her voice and still too nervous and shy to call her Katie.

Although Upton still says she needs to check her schedule, which is probably full, she seems to be making a clever career move. When celebrities do things like this, step off the red carpet and down from their thrones in order to make people’s dreams come true, it rarely makes them look bad. So unfortunately for Davidson, it is unlikely that Upton is accepting his offer because he is class president, editor of the school newspaper or had perfect SAT scores, though that is undoubtedly an impressive resume — good work, Jake!  For many, in a matter of days Kate Upton has gone from an untouchable model to a friendly, cute girl who may be at your high school prom. So although it seems like the victory here goes to Jake Davidson, Upton is gaining quite a lot in the public image department.

It will be interesting to see what happens come May, whether Upton will be posing for very different kinds of photos than she is used to: ones that take place in the exotic location that is Jake Davidson’s front lawn and are taken by world renowned photographer, his mom. Though whether or not she can find the time to make it to this shoot, she has already earned herself a good amount of aw’s from all over the country and is looking like the girl next door … if the girl who lives next to you is an incredibly successful swimsuit model.