What You Should Do If A Drunk Girl Passes Out On Your Couch


"Hey bros, check out this girl passed out on the couch. Guess what I'm doing to do to her?"

That's how "the shortest PSA about how to handle a drunk girl passed out on your couch" begins. Although I'm pretty sure those words have rarely been uttered without some form of abuse ensuing, the young man in this video shows us that doing the right thing can be pretty darn easy: he gives her a pillow, a blanket and some water before he turns to the camera and says:

"Real men treat women with respect."

Tragedies like those that happened in Steubenville or Torrington have drawn our attention to the importance of informed consent and men's crucial role when it comes to rape prevention. Those who created this video are adding their voice to the chorus of people who are asking for men to take responsibility to end rape culture.  

Sign the petition to make consent a mandatory part of sex education.