11 Great Moments From the 2013 NCAA Tournament, Narrated in GIFs


The first weekend of the NCAA Tournament has lived up to its lofty expectations as usual. Nail biters, upsets, buzzer beaters, March has it all. What better way to sum up the most fun weekend of college basketball with a collection of GIFsthat capture it all? 

To get right into it, here are 11 GIFs that will make you love college basketball even more (gifs from SBNation, unless otherwise noted):

1. Florida Gulf Coast Dunk Number 1:

As a Georgetown fan, this was the first time that my jaw dropped. I remember thinking, "Huh, this isn't a play a 15-seed makes against a 2-seed." 

2. Florida Gulf Coast Dunk Number 2:

Then this happened. My jaw dropped again. I thought, "We really are going to lose this game." 

3. Florida Gulf Coast Dunk Number 3 (The Best Alley-Oop In Tournament History): 

At this point my jaw couldn't drop any further. The fact that this Florida Gulf Coast team had the gusto to dunk all over Georgetown is one of the greatest things I have ever seen on the basketball court. Confidence breeds more confidence. Florida Gulf Coast, the team of the tourney. 

4. Aaron Craft Being Aaron Craft: 

If I have to hear one more time about Aaron Craft being a "tough" competitor I may lose it. But that Aaron Craft is one tough competitor.

5. LaSalle Beats Kansas State (Part 1): 

Whatever this celebration is, I'm in.

6. LaSalle Beats Kansas State (Part 2): 

Whatever this celebration is, I'm out. Bruce Weber cannot seem to get a team to win in the NCAA Tournament. 

7. LaSalle Beats Kansas State (Part 3): 

It was a good first two days for Philadelphia area schools (other than Villanova): LaSalle and Temple both advanced and this glitter dude got plenty of camera time. 

8. Marquette Buzzer Beater:

I guess it's not officially a buzzer beater as there was still time left on the clock, but the frantic finish of this game is what March Madness is all about. 

9. San Diego State Almost Missed Dunk:

Jamaal Franklin of San Diego State got this dunk to bounce in and got a trip to the 2nd round with a game against FGCU. 

10. Iowa State Missed Dunk: 

Iowa State wasn't as lucky as SDSU with their missed dunk, but they also advanced easily with a win over Notre Dame. It's most likely because of the highlighter green the Fighting Irish were wearing. 

11. The Kansas Shuffle: 

This was before the tournament started. But any chance to show people having fun is good enough for me. I am reluctantly cheering for Kansas because of this GIF. 

Enjoy the rest of the tournament. We'll have plenty more GIFs to unload as the tournament continues.