Cinderella Florida Gulf Coast: Will They Ever Lose?


First Georgetown. Now San Diego State. Will Florida be next? 

The Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast University are taking the 2013 NCAA Tournament by storm. With their high flying dunks, do it all coach, and fun loving attitude, they are a treat to watch. Thankfully now, we'll get to see them next weekend as well when they take on Florida.

The victor over Georgetown on Friday night may have seemed like the Eagles playing the game of their lives, but this team is for real: they outclassed San Diego State in a 81-71 victory that saw FGCU dominate the second half. 

Point guard Brett Comer led the charge with 10 points and 14 assists, many of which were high flying lobs to his dunking teammates. It's no Phi Slama Jama yet, but for now, FGCU and Dunk City are taking over. 

PS - enjoy the FGCU celebration dance: