Daft Punk New Album Release Date: 'Random Access Memories' Drops May 21


Daft Punk New Album Release Date: 'Random Access Memories' Drops May 21French duo Daft Punk, announced their comeback album, Random Access Memories, will drop on May 20 in the U.K. and May 21 in the U.S. This is their first album with Columbia Records. 

With their last album, Human After All being somewhat of a letdown compared to earlier albums with multiple top 10 hits, fans long await the album’s release after eight whole years of silence from the duo. After the 15-second music teaser during this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live showing, fans are itching to hear more of Daft Punk’s distinctive cyber-disco sounds. Over the past six or so years, Daft Punk has experienced heightened popularity, gaining spots on Tron Legacy’s film soundtrack as well as having the opportunity to be sampled for a potential single by Kanye West. Because they were famous before the electric dance music (EDM) boom, Daft Punk is arguably one of the biggest dance acts in the world, with particular regard to their funky live neon raves.

Rumor has it that the album will feature sounds from other famous acts including Panda Bear, Chilly Gonzales, Girogio Morodor, and Muppets songwriter, Paul Williams. Nile Rodgers, who recorded with the band last year, calls Random Access Memories a “great collaboration” with “unbelievably natural” tracks. Their most famous song over the years might be considered “One More Time.”

Random Access Memories is now available to pre-order on iTunes.

For old time's sake, give "One More Time" a listen!