DOMA and Prop 8: Gay Marriage is Right, Both Constitutional and Fair


This week SCOTUS will be looking into California’s Prop 8 ban on gay marriage and the federal government’s Defense of Marriage Act. The subject is coming to head with several states, including Maine (where I live), and most of the populace in favor of letting gays marry.

By way of full disclosure, I support gay marriage, even doing a video in support during my run for Senate. After all why shouldn’t gay people be allowed as part of their “pursuit of happiness” be allowed to marry? I find the argument saying that allowing gay marriage to occur will undermine straight people’s marriage to be ludicrous. As a gay married friend said: “If I am my marriage threatens your marriage, your marriage is in trouble.”

Ultimately many of us needed a foundation on which to cement our belief that allowing gay marriage is the right thing to do. When I was undecided this video by CATO convinced me of the constitutional viability of gay marriage.

Of course for many opponents of gay marriage the argument is solved without discussion by claiming God is on their side and thus are right(ous). The Constitution and “All Men are Created Equal” matters not once a higher power is invoked and all discussion must end.  Leviticus is Bible passage quoted in this type of defense, but do those bashing gay marriage abide by all of it. One does have to wonder if these people stick to some of the dietary requirements that lie therein.

Anti-gay marriage activists like Ryan Sorba and Gary Bauer do not exactly endear the population to their point of view with their vile rhetoric. In case you missed it here is part of Sorba's rant against gays at CPAC (that was booed).

“I’d like to condemn CPAC for bringing GOPride [sic] to this event. Civil rights are grounded in natural rights. Natural rights are grounded in human nature. Human nature is a rational substance in relationship to the intelligible end of the reproductive act of reproduction.”

Here in Maine the case against gay marriage had a hard time because the no campaign was so vile that many did not want to be associated with it. Mailers during the campaign could have rivalled Der Strummer for the nastiness therein.

“3. Use the term 'Sodomy Based Marriage' and avoid the deceptive terms 'same sex' or 'gay marriage.'”

Quite how either of those statements would convince those for gay marriage or wavering on the subject to change on their minds is beyond on me.

Ultimately no matter what SCOTUS decides this issue will not go away anytime soon in the minds of some. Maybe it is time to put this subject to bed and actually tackle the financial mess this country is in? And, after all, a spate of gay marriages wouldn’t do the catering and entertainment sectors any harm would it?