Ford Berlusconi Ads: Company Pulls Offensive Ads Featuring Gagged, Tied Women


Ford Motors has apologized after its offensive advertisements glamorizing violence against women ended up in print. According to Business Insider, Ford's press release reveals that they did not approve the ads, and they have been removed.

How offensive were they?

Well, you be the judge. The tag line under the image of Berlusconi reads

"Leave your worries behind with Figo's extra-large boot," a direct reference to the former prime minister's scathingly tumultuous past. As a revolting politician Berlusconi's pastimes included being a party planner for sex-fests featuring stripper nuns and underage girls he slept with. Man, nothing cracks me up more than old men in positions of power having sex with underage girls! Especially when the underlining message of the advertisement is implying that Berlusconi would finally "leave his worries behind" by tying them up in the trunk of his car.  

The other HILARIOUS ad featured Paris Hilton gagging and tying up the Kardashians ... because we all know that women need to compete with each other to succeed.

Image via Fox News.

I know these ads were banned, but the fact that a bunch of people came up with this in a boardroom somewhere, and that this concept was approved by many others, is exasperating.

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