Sweet Sixteen Preview: Louisville, Midwest Bracket


Anyone else tear up their bracket after this weekend? Better question: Anyone not tear up their bracket after this weekend?

If so, kudos to you. In a wild weekend of college basketball, the dust has settled and 16 teams remain. After this weekend, only four teams will remain, leaving us with our Final Four. 

First, take a look at the Midwest Region, where Louisville seems poised to make their second straight Final Four appearance. 

The four teams with a shot at a trip to Atlanta from the Midwest include 1-seed Louisville, 2-seed Duke, 3-seed Michigan State, and 12-seed Oregon. Louisville will take on Oregon on Friday, March 29, at 7:15 and Duke will take on Michigan State around 9:45 that evening. The games are in Indianapolis. Both games will be broadcast on CBS.

As of now, Louisville seems like the best team in the country, living up to their number one overall seeding. However, with a streaking Oregon team and two of the most storied college basketball programs in Duke and Michigan State, it wont be an easy road to the Final Four.

Prediction: Expect Louisville to overwhelm Oregon and Michigan State to squeak out a victory over Duke. Then gear up for Louisville's defense to be too much for a spent MSU team that exerted too much energy in their win over Duke: Louisville will make a return trip to the Final Four.