8 Reasons Americans Should Be More Optimistic


America is on the cusp of some very exciting developments that should give us new found hope for the future. Certainly, there are many issues plaguing us that can cause people to experience severe depression. Yet, the good news is starting to outweigh the bad for the majority of Americans. It is important to recognize these signs of revitalization and be optimistic.

Here are several reasons to be optimistic about the future.

1. Gay rights

This could be an important week for gay and lesbian couples in the country, as SCOTUS considers two separate suits by those being discriminated under existing laws. Gays and lesbians are on the verge of obtaining equal status in America. The writing is on the wall. Even if SCOTUS kicks the can down the road in the next several days, same-sex marriage is a sure shot to be adopted by every state in the union, mandated by either federal or state legal and/or judicial action. When this happens all gays will enjoy the same economic and societal benefits as traditional couples. Soon America will be able to claim a major victory against discrimination and bigotry.

2. Iraq

The timetable for extracting our brave soldiers will likely be accelerated based upon recent actions of the Iraqi government, as it continues to shun and disrespect the president and the new Secretary of State. As a new Shiite-governed country, Iraqi leaders have concluded that siding with Iran, the predominant Shiite nation in the region, is the best course. The latest episode is Iraq’s agreement to let Iran use its air space to support the Syrian regime.

I say good riddance to bad rubbish. The Iraq War was a disaster from the minute it began. The military operations were poorly prosecuted. The occupation of the country was one of the dumbest and costly blunders in history that has diverted two presidents. And, the loss of lives and treasure for an unattainable goal to build a democracy was a horrible investment. If only US involvement in Afghanistan could also be ended quickly.

3. Iran and North Korea

There is likely to be a showdown with both of these countries in the near future. The Iranian and Korean dreams of having a nuclear capability are soon to become a reality if opponents do nothing.

The U.S. and Israel have recently begun to seriously consider a military attack on Iran if it does not comply with UN mandates. This threat may be what ultimately causes Iraq to give up its nuclear aspirations.

China has given notice to North Korea to temper its aggression towards the UN. Why it has taken so long for China to react to its ill-mannered and dangerous subject is a mystery. But, the influence of China on North Korea is significant.

4. The GOP

It appears that moderation in the GOP is on the horizon. The “wackos” will soon be driven into hibernation as cooperation and increased sensitivity to the electorate becomes the party’s new mantra. Conservatives will not give up their crusade to reduce spending (nor should they). Rather, the GOP will become more receptive to compromise relating to social issues. This new found enlightenment is critical if the party is going to find more votes among women, millennials, Hispanics, and African Americans.

5. Health care

I am still not a believer in Obamacare. However, if the media can be believed, there have been some positive developments regarding health care costs and accessibility of medical care. Constant pressure by House conservatives will keep the Obamacare advocates honest, a good thing, by controlling funding.

6. Immigration

We cannot be sure what will come from immigration reform, but it will be light years better than the status quo. Eleven million illegal aliens will soon know what it will take to become an American citizen. This is a very positive development for the country especially if the illegals must prove their loyalty to the US by obeying its laws.

7. The stock market

Contrary to populist dogma, a poor performing stock market is not only bad for Wall Street fat cats. It is bad for pension funds, not-for-profit organizations, those out of work, etc., etc. A good market is one phenomenon that will revive the confidence of corporate America. Confidence will lead to growth, and growth will result in new jobs.

Recently, the market hit new high points. The market is a leading indicator; so higher prices will likely bring on better economic conditions.

8. The housing market

The largest assets of a great number of Americans are their homes. Housing prices are beginning to rise as demand for homes grows. Lower interest rates encouraged by the Federal Reserve will enable buyers on the sidelines to obtain low mortgage rates.

I realize that the naysayers out there are armed with scores of reasons why America is a wasteland. Too bad for them. Optimism is contagious and should be prevalent when the overall trend line has an upward slope. America is on the rise and we should all enjoy the ride.