Google Glass: Winners of Explorer Project Pay for Early Access


While my invite appears to have been lost in the mail, other people are beginning to get their invitation to participate in the Google Glass Explorer Program. The contest began in February with people responding to what they would do if they had Google Glass with the hashtag #ifihadglass. This wasn’t so much a giveaway as it was an opportunity to pay $1,500 dollars before everyone else. Still, over 8,000 pairs of Google Glass are up for grabs. 

The winning individuals are being notified by invite from @projectglass on Twitter, or +Project Glass on Google Plus. That lucky person will have to travel to New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco where they will be invited to shell out the cash in exchange for the glasses. They will also likely be aggressively encouraged to sign a lengthy non-disclosure agreement like those who have tried on the glasses before them. Some of the winning individuals include those who want to make movies, film their wedding, or help ailing World War II Veterans see their national memorial.  

Personally speaking, I’m more of a ‘plant that chip in my head’ kinda gal, but Google Glass does offer us a glimpse into the future of a more seamless relationship with technology. Not everyone is happy about it though. A campaign called “Stop the Cyborgs” has started in opposition of Google Glass. The term campaign must be regarded with some skepticism here as it is mostly just three Londoners who made an okay looking website and catchy logo. The campaign kind of reeks of viral marketing to me.


Google has been extremely tight lipped about the products exact specifications. As it doesn't look like I will be getting my hands on the glasses any time soon, my questions for the company are as follows: Will I ever be able to shoot lasers out of it? What effect will this have on taking pictures of myself in bathrooms? 

Whether you love it or hate it, Google Glass is coming. 

Want to know if you won? You can use this Twitter search or look up #glassexplorers. Happy Cyboring!