10 Reasons to Ban Gay Marriage, and the Top 5 Marriage Equality Internet Memes


Memes and social justice go hand in hand in the digital age, so it's no surprise memes across the internet have done their fair share in advocating the gay marriage cause. Here are the top five that have gone viral across the web and have managed to pack a fun political punch in the process. 

1. The Human Rights Campaign Equal Sign:

You've probably seen someone's profile on Facebook or Twitter changed to this symbol hatched by the Human Rights Campaign in light of SCOTUS hearings concerning DOMA and Prop 8. Never has plain math shown so much solidarity. 

2. Ten Reasons To "Ban" Gay Marriage: 

Self-explanatory. The scathing combo of sarcasm and irony really hits home. 

3. The Wrong Side of History: 

Because no one wants to be that guy.

4. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy:

This guy's mythic smile is said to be capable of even doing the impossible.

5. Condescending Willy "Please Tell Me More" Wonka: 

Wonka clearly doens't have time your BS.