Michelle Obama Fashion: 5 Fashionable First Ladies You Should Know


Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan is causing a fashion frenzy on her first official tour abroad. Ms. Peng, currently touring Africa with her husband, the new Chinese President Xi Jinping, is inspiring Chinese fashionistas to replicate her poise and modern style.

But Ms. Peng is the not first leading lady to create a buzz with her wardrobe.

Here are five other leading ladies who never fail to make a political statement when they step out in the public eye:

1. Kate Middleton:


Before she was the duchess of Cambridge, girls were already flocking to Zara and TopShop in hopes of replicating her style. Kate never fails to impress while maintaining a laid back look. The duchess loves to play along with the theme of any event she participates in. Most recently, she guided 24 Cub Scouts and embraced the day's theme by wearing their signature neckerchief as a part of her outfit.

2. Michelle Obama:



First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the most photographed and active first ladies our nation has ever seen. We have seen the first lady in a wide variety of designers, from the most expensive Haute Couture ball gowns to casual outfits from J. Crew. She has helped up and coming designers get on everyone's radars. The dress Michelle Obama wore to the inaugural ball created a splash for designer Jason Wu. Not only do the first lady's fashion choices showcase her cool personality, they also make her seem like someone approachable.

3. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy:


The former French first lady had a knack for using fashion as way to state her stance on politics. Her modern and sleek style reflected her rational approach and cool attitude towards many issues.

4. Hillary Rodham Clinton:

If Hillary Clinton plans to make an appearance, you know she means business. Her clothes are no less of a reflection of this attitude.  Her choice of perfect tailored suits and dresses highlight her serious attitude and extreme work ethic. Even when the former first lady is spotted in color, the bold hue choice always make a fierce statement.

5. Chantal Biya:


Cameroon's First Lady Chantal Biya probably has one of the most quirky and eclectic tastes in the world when it comes to fashion. You will always catch First Lady Biya in eye popping colors and over-the-top jewelry and head pieces.

Fashion has become a part of most political figures’ arsenal. Each of these leading ladies uses fashion as a means to rely their stance on politics.  First Lady Peng Liyuan is the latest to join the ranks and it is going to be interesting to learn more about her position on politics.