April Fools Day 2013: 4 Hilarious Prank Videos


Now that April Fools Day is here, many of us are asking ourselves, “What are we going to do to mess with our loved ones this year?” While the following four videos might not be suitable to imitate, they’re a good start if you’re in need of inspiration. Also, they’re hilarious. Here are four hilarious prank videos for your enjoyment and inspiration for April Fools Day 2013!

1. Ellen Pranks Costco Shoppers By Sending Writer to Talk to People Only Using Song Lyrics

It’s the kind of prank that is simple enough that you wish you had thought of and made a funny video about. Or that you wish you were comfortable enough to do in public.

2. Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Of Their Halloween Candy

Okay. This video is old. Everyone’s seen it. I know. But it’s just such a perfect example of a prank that you know is hilarious but you can’t help but feel awful about the fact that you think it’s hilarious.

3. Invisible Driver: Drive-Thru Prank

It’s a simple idea, but one that’s definitely difficult to pull off, as so many things can go wrong. This guy gets points for his flawless execution and the hilarity that ensues. Check out the channel’s other drive-thru prank videos as well!

4. Japanese Prank Show: Ghost in the Mirror

In this prank, a guy gets ready in front of a mirror, unknown that he is being taped on a Japanese prank show. The show has rigged his hair-dryer so that it turns on automatically, and has a surprise waiting for him behind his mirror. His reaction is absolutely priceless.