Drunkorexia: The Absurd Eating Disorder Sweeping the Nation


An under-the-radar eating disorder is sweeping college campuses all over the United States. The disease called “drunkorexioa” is described as skipping meals or exercising heavily to "save" or burn calories for evening boozing. The alcoholic industry has targeted females with the specific mindset of society’s obsession with thinness and beauty.

Culture has unrealistic standards of beauty that is perpetuated by media. Time and time again we have heard this argument and read articles on how it effects women negatively. Colleges create a party atmosphere leading to bad consequences when drinking. Women have unrealistic standards of beauty in which they are scrutinized if not up to par. But, recognizing all those issues, lies within the individual, and straying away from it.

There are plenty of students who do not partake in binge drinking at Michigan State University and MSU has a big party atmosphere and I speak from experience since attending and living in the city currently. I cannot attribute for all colleges, but at State, for as many people that are binge drinking, there are even more that are choosing not to drink. People decide not to binge drink and control their alcohol content. You can have just as much fun with one drink and hang out without having to get wasted. I’m not stating that binge drinking isn’t a problem, because it is, but individuals need to learn the skills to control their alcohol content. For individuals who suffer from alcoholism, this argument does not stand valid since alcoholism has is a disease.

Females or males with image issues should not partake in drinking and should realize the negative effects of binge drinking. I know that image issues are deeply seeded within an individual and media has A LOT of effect on it, but hopefully people are able to recognize when media plays an effect on them. I do want to discredit any arguments that media perpetuates thin culture, but there are other media campaigns like Dove beauty campaign that are trying to combat this stereotype. While it may be hard for the actual individual to recognize that they have a problem with drinking and image issues, hopefully their friends and family will help find support. Women or men who suffer from eating disorders and have not sought help, pose trickier situations, due to the individuals’ inability to actually control their eating habits when immersed in anorexia/bulimia.

Hopefully men and women are able to recognize media’s effects on them and take the personal choice to not be effected by media. What do you all think? How much is it society’s fault? How much is it the individual? Post your comments below.