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Trending In Our News Feeds Judges appear willing to strike down DOMA. In yesterday’s opening arguments, SCOTUS Justices seemed skeptical of the federal law known as DOMA that prevents the government from recognizing gay marriage. The Court’s lone moderate Justice Anthony Kennedy emphasized that the issue of gay marriage should be decided by the states, indicating that he will likely provide the decisive fifth vote needed to overturn the law. NPR brings you the five highlights you have to read, and SCOTUS blog tells you how Prop 8 and DOMA are related.

Ashley Judd says “No” to Senate run. Democrats had hoped that the high-profile actress would challenge Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky Senate seat in 2014. Judd announced her decision not to run yesterday, via Twitter.

Government worried cell phone deal will lead to spying. Government officials are seeking oversight of communication company Softbank’s $20 billion buyout of Sprint, in order to prevent suppliers from spying on the U.S. Officials are concerned that the Chinese government will be able to steal wireless data if Softbank uses Chinese equipment to build its network in the U.S.

World’s largest cyber war slows down Internet. An anti-Internet-regulation group launched the largest cyber attack in history this week. Sven Olaf Kaumphuis explained that his group slammed an organization that blacklists spam-hosting Internet service providers with huge amounts of data in order to shut down its servers. The catch? The massive attack slowed down the Internet for everyone.

Divers caught trying to shut off Internet. The Egyptian coast guard has arrested three men who were trying to use an ax to hack through an underwater cable that links the Internet from Asia to Europe. Severing the cable would have cut off the flow of a massive 1.28 terabits of data. The attack underlines the ease with which cyber terrorists can disrupt online activity.

A creepy new service will tailor ads to your DNA. The tech startup Miinome plans to launch a service that will customize online ads based on your DNA this spring. The service will use data from social media and your genetic code to provide an intimately-tailored ad experience. For example, the program will connect men with genes for baldness with hair growth products.

Boston College disciplines students for distributing condoms. School administrators sent a notice to organizers of on-campus “Safe Sites” that their mission to distribute condoms and safe-sex advice to their peers violates the school’s Catholic values. The ACLU has threatened to sue the school in retaliation.

Status Updates Anonymous tweets pundit’s story. The notorious hacking group Anonymous has picked up pundit Roy Klabin’s story on the “troubled teen” industry. Show Roy some love and retweet the message!

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