Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Defense Psychoanalyst Continues Testimony


The murder trial of Jodi Arias resumes on Thursday after being canceled for the second time in a week. Wednesday's court session was canceled because the defendant Jodi Arias was reportedly suffering from migraines. Last week, a session was canceled after a woman vomited in the gallery. The delays are prolonging an already long trial, which is approaching its 40th day.

On Tuesday, Alyce LaViolette testified that the reason Arias, who claims she was physically and emotionally abused by Travis Alexander, didn't lead on about the alleged abuse was because abuse victims are often too ashamed to come forward. Arias is charged with murdering boyfriend Alexander in June 2008, when she shot him in the face, stabbed him more than two dozen times, and slashed his throat. Arias maintains that Alexander attacked her and she acted in self-defense. If convicted of first degree murder, Arias could face the death penalty.