Andy Enfeild: Will He Be the Next Coach At UCLA?


Who will be the next coach at UCLA?

It won't be Shaka Smart. He's sticking around at VCU after sources are a contract extension that will keep Smart with the rams until 2023.

Brad Stevens of Butler hasn't left Indianapolis the last few years since his success with the Bulldogs, so it's likely he'll stay put now.

But what about Andy Enfield? Is the star coach of the 2013 NCAA Tournament going to take his supermodel wife to sunny California and UCLA (not that Florida isn't sunny)?

My bet is no. Nothing against Enfield, but he's hit the perfect storm here. He proved last weekend that he can get his guys ready for the tourney, but this is a FGCU team that lost 10 games this year. That wouldn't be very acceptable at a powerhouse like UCLA. 

Enfield should ride this wave of popularity if he does want to leave FGCU, but I doubt it will lead him to UCLA.