Charles Barkley Hates The Big 10


"Turrible, just turrible."

That's Charles Barkley waxing poetically about Big 10 Basketball. He loves mentioning how bad the athletes are, how slow the games are, how it isn't the best conference in the land (that's reserved for the Mountain West).

But here's the thing Charles: The Big 10 sent four teams to the Sweet 16. How many did the Mountain West send? (The answer is zero.)

At some point this weekend, however, a Big 10 team will most likely lose (unless they somehow send four teams to the Final Four, it is feasible), and Charles Barkley will let us know how bad the league is. 

The league, however, has showed up so far. But if they fail to send a team to the Final Four, then Sir Charles may end up being right. 

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