Voter ID Laws: Why Democrats Are Scared


States are implementing laws requiring voters to produce photo identification (ID). Democrats are fighting these initiatives claiming voter disenfranchisement. Are Democrats supporting voter fraud? 

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, a Republican, signed into law a requirement for voters to provide a photo ID in order to vote. The law provides free photo ID cards to registered voters and requires notifying voters of the requirement prior to the next election. The law takes into account the need to prevent voter fraud and provides state voters with free photo IDs if they do not already possess one.

While the law seems to be reasonable and fair, Democrats are decrying it as unfair to senior citizens, the poor, and minorities. The Democrats argue that voter photo ID laws prevent these groups from exercising their right to vote. Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe recently vetoed a similar law in his state. Interestingly, he stated that the cost ($300,000) and the increased bureaucracy were unnecessary.

Democratic opposition to these laws is not only at the state level. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is also stating that voter ID laws are "unnecessary, expensive, and intrusive" and should not be supported. The DNC also adds the young, disabled voters, veterans, and military members to the group of voters having difficulties at the polls. Since military members and veterans already have photo ID cards, they should not be affected by voter ID laws.

The Democrats opposition to preventing voter fraud is interesting. The DNC states that "numerous non-partisan organizations have debunked widespread voter fraud" allegations. Unfortunately, voter registration is plagued with errors and voter fraud has occurred in Iowa. This one incident is not necessarily enough indict Democrats as contributing to voter fraud but it does provide insight into Democrat support for other issues.

The National Voter Registration Act (Motor Voter) of 1993 was spearheaded by liberal activists and supported by the Democrats. The act required states to allow voter registration when a "qualifying" voter applied for or renewed a driver's license or applied for social services. It also allowed voters to register through the mail. Unfortunately, the act did not allow in person applications to be challenged or require identification for mail in applications. 

Since the Democrats are supporting drivers licenses for illegal immigrants in Maryland, Illinois, and Minnesota, the main question is whether these states can have voter photo ID laws to prevent fraudulent voting. The Motor Voter Act doesn't require proof of citizenship to sign up for voter registration and this may allow illegal immigrants to vote in elections.

The Democrats are supporting immigration reform but are doing so in an ambiguous way. While the DNC states that the immigrants should learn English, pay penalties, and "get right" for their illegal immigration, the DNC refuses to make a statement regarding voter fraud from illegal immigrants.

The ultimate conclusion is that Democrats want to use loopholes in the Motor Voter Act to swell their ranks. By supporting illegal immigrants, Democrats want to increase their support based on quid pro quo rather than on ideological merits. Illegal immigrants can count on Democrats to support them and, in return, illegals can support the Democrats no matter what the issue.

Since the DNC refuses to pay for President Obama’s nominating convention, it is difficult for a rational person to believe that the DNC’s pontifications are altruistic. Instead, Americans should be skeptical of the DNC and their "welcoming" of illegal immigrants. Voter ID laws would help reduce voter fraud and help citizens mold the nation based on their views. Instead, the DNC is supporting the tried and true Chicago rule of "vote early and often" especially if you are an illegal.