5 Reasons Why 'Bunheads' is Secretly the Best Show On TV


Sure, you might have a lot of reasons not to like Bunheads. For starters, it’s a show on ABC Family which revolves around a circle of pretty best friends who at first glance seem to have perfect lives. But before you dismiss this show altogether, consider these:

1. The writer and director of Bunheads is the same genius behind Gilmore Girls

Amy Sherman-Palladino had great success with Gilmore Girls. The show put Sherman-Palladino on the map because it created a unique world that appeared to be perfect but was really full of heartaches, dysfunctional relationships, and lots of small town quirks. Not only does Sherman promise a wide array of colorful characters, the attention to detail given to the sets is noteworthy.

2. You will learn how to keep up with fast talkers

The dialogue on Bunheads is smart, witty, and humorous. Each episode is filled with endless banter and references to pop culture. One episode even includes a side story about how to go viral on YouTube. The best part: you have to be quick to pick up the references. Sometimes the dialogue leaves you thinking: wait a minute, that was a joke about Kim Kardashian.

3. Improve your taste in music, books and movies


Sherman never fails to disappoint with her impeccable taste in the arts. She always has the best music, and loves to include references to some great literature in each episode. One episode this season included a dance to "Istanbul" by We Might Be Giants.

4. Innocence is not dead

The characters on the show are not backwards or boring. Instead, the characters act their age. Unlike the other shows on ABC Family, this show does not dramatize and tie in scandal in every episode to draw in viewers.

5. You learn a bunch of life lessons

This show is reminder that your actions in your youth may have consequences when you are older. The main character in Bunheads is undergoing a mid-life crisis and is second guessing all her actions during her 20s. We are still learning a lot about Michelle's past, but as things fall into place, there seems to be a powerful message.

The show is only in its second season. Sherman-Palladino takes time to develop each character, but her approach to television is unique and different from her competitors. She sets out to make you fall in love with every detail of her series. I promise you, this show will be on everyone's must-see list before the start of season three.