Predict Which GOPer Will Win Iowa and Beyond

Everyone is making their predictions about today’s Iowa caucus, the first primary battle for GOP candidates ahead of the November presidential election. Still, there is no clear Republican favorite.

Andrew Romano of The Daily Beast contends that Rick Santorum is peaking at the right time and can not only win Iowa, but also make a splash in the wider race.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made the obvious prediction that his father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, will see victory in the Iowa caucuses. Some polls agree, saying Paul is leading all other candidates.

Using advanced statistical inference, political futures traders on the site Intrade are betting Mitt Romney will win the Iowa caucuses with a 47.6% margin. Polls are also predicting a landslide Romney victory in New Hampshire.

Join the punditry: Who will win Iowa and how will the next three primaries in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida play out?

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey