Immigration Reform 2013: House Republicans Need to Do What is Right For America


Immigration reform is a hot topic and there are many opinions being shared on the topic. If somehow you have missed the boat, simply check out the immigration page of PolicyMic. The need for reform has been covered from various angles from the economy to religion. Instead of reshaping an old angle let us focus on the one group who is preventing immigration reform from happening. House Republicans need to stop rowing against the current and join the rising tide towards comprehensive immigration reform.

Last week TIME, circulated a post highlighting four hurdles to immigration reform: 1) the Gang of Eight 2) lobbyist 3) House Republicans and 4) Democrats. At this point however there is one problem and that is House Republicans. Even when the Gang of Eight bill works its way out of the Senate that will not signal success, Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) says, “You still have to put those votes on the board, and that’s going to be a real, real test in the House of Representatives.”

The words "amnesty" and "citizenship" are dirty words and therefore deal breakers for the conservative wing of the GOP. If you noticed, in Senator Rand Paul’s speech on immigration reform he avoided those words and used path to legalization instead. This hard line could simply be a cover for something else though. Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA says “it’s becoming clear to Republicans in Congress that this is not going to get them the Hispanic vote.” Just last week PolicyMic Pundit Andrea Ayres-Deets made this same point.

Instead of fighting for the sake of fighting, House Republicans need to do what is best for the country. Comprehensive immigration reform is the best way to deal with the undocumented immigrants already here and strengthen the security of our boarders. It makes economic sense, in fact it just makes sense period. More and more Republicans are seeing it and it is time the House Republicans stop going against the current and join the rising tide towards comprehensive immigration reform.