Watch Al Pacino Yell and Scream For 6 Minutes Straight


No one in the business drops an F-Bomb like Al Pacino. His fluency in fury is first class, and his intimidating tone could make the alphabet sound threatening. He's been Serpico, Scarface, and even gone Shakespearean, but he'll never stop yelling. Whether he's screaming at the cops, firing up a football team, or being robbed by George Clooney and Brad Pitt, Pacino brings his special brand of intensity to every scene.

Nelson Carvajal's supercut of Pacino's best roars has been taking the internet by storm. Including footage from the star's very early days (spoiler alert: he's exactly the same), the video highlights Pacino's flair for furor. All of the greatest hits are featured: Dog Day Afternoon, Glengarry Glen Ross, and of course The Godfather. I was surprised that there wasn't more from Insomnia, in which the 24-hour daylight of summertime Alaska drives Pacino's character insane. I don't think he stops yelling for the entire last hour of that movie. You can see the clips that did make the cut below:

Press Play VIDEO ESSAY - Pacino: Full Roar from Nelson Carvajal on Vimeo

Oddly enough, my favorite scene in Carvajal's video might be the one from Gigli with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. I guess no matter how bad a movie is going to be, Pacino is always willing to give it everything he's got. Then again, maybe he was just actually angry at Ben Affleck for convincing him to be in such a crappy film.

Pacino's most recent project was HBO's Phil Spector, an exploration of the legendary music producer's relationship with his lawyer, Linda Kenny Baden (Helen Mirren). Written and directed by David Mamet, who also wrote Glengarry Glen Ross, it premiered last week to reasonably solid reviews. Rest assured, there's plenty of Pacino doing what he does best: