YouTube Hugo Chavez Goes to Heaven Video: Watch How Chavez Meets Che Guevara


Venezuelan state television has produced and released a cute animated video in which Hugo Chavez, the late authoritarian president credited with decreasing poverty — but also ballooning inflation and crime — during his 13-year reign in Venezuela, goes to heaven and meets his grandmother, Simon Bolivar, Che Guevara and Eva Peron.

The clip is the Venezuelan government's latest attempt to re-write Chavez's legacy, after his untimely dead of cancer this year, leaving the oil-rich country with inflation and devaluation.

The polarizing leader has been a larger-than-life figure in Venezuelan politics. And acting President Nicolas Maduro, who's facing Henrique Capriles in special elections on April 14, hopes to capitalize on the people's fervor — with this video, among other imagery — to perpetuate Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution.