Lent Rules: How Many Of You Broke Lent Rules On Good Friday?


I received a humorous email this morning from my decently Catholic friend informing me that she broke the ultimate Lent rule by eating meat on Friday, and Good Friday no less. How did she do this? By devouring a six-piece chicken McNugget Happy Meal from McDonald’s at 2 a.m. after a night out at the bars.

Her family is not all that religious, but it was always a hard rule in her household that meat would not be eaten on Friday, family members had to attempt to give up something for Lent, and church would be attended on Easter. Well, she gave up chocolate and mistakenly broke it when she didn’t realize a Tootsie Roll was made of chocolate as well as ate chicken on Good Friday. Basically, she must go to church this Sunday or she surely strikes out. The e-mail read as following:


I just woke up with extreme dry mouth and last night’s makeup only to remember that my friends and I stopped by a McDonald’s last night and shoved McNuggets down my throat after what was a rather uneventful evening that obviously warranted drunchies. Oh, I also woke up with a missed call from my mother, no doubt to wish me a happy Good Friday (is that even a thing) and to remind me to not have my usual bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich because of the meat in bacon. Well mother, too damn late. I’m so screwed, I’m freaking out. You know how growing up I was hardly allowed to leave the house on Good Friday, let alone march around in heels and eat 600 calories worth of meaty fast food. It’s a SIN that McDonald’s is open at 2am anyways. It’s a sin anything is open food-wise at that hour, like I understand they’re making bank by being near a college campus but REALLY? Restaurants should be closed on Good Friday, half the sh*t on a menu anyways is meat. Something more classic? My friend Laura you met last year, she’s Catholic AND a vegetarian, so she gets some salad wrap thing with no meat. I should have stuck to the McFlurry, they never fail me. Anyways, miss ya lots and can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!


Me (Your friend who is going die when speaking with her mother then being sent straight to hell thereafter)

Evidently, fast times and drunchies got the best of my friend. Lent went out the window for her, and have undoubtedly plagued other college students. For instance, my floor mate told me she was giving up “blacking out” on the weekends (utterly failed in the second week of Lent).

Similarly, my roommate told me unnecessary snacking would not take place for those 40 days (I caught her eating my veggie chips the day after). You see, college kids are lazy, inconsiderate and not particularly the best judgment-call makers, so something like Lent which means nothing to most gets a back seat to that 2 a.m. McDonalds, or the emotional eating of veggie chips and other snack food. If you are one of these college Lent breakers, trust me, you are not alone.