6 Reasons the Easter Bunny is Bad For Women


Many of us celebrate Easter every year without ever stopping to wonder what the fun-filed holiday means for women and girls. We all know the Easter Bunny delivers chocolate and joy, but can he be critiqued?

Here's six reasons the Easter Bunny is bad for women.

1.It scares girls:

Source: Sketchy Bunnies

2.It really scares girls:

Source: Sketchy Bunnies

3.It scares boys (we're all about equality):

Source: Sketchy Bunnies

4.It really really scares girls:

5. It creates hazardous situations for moms (and dads):

6. It likes to hang out with George Bush and we all know what his record on women's issues looked like:

Source: FlickrRiver

How do you feel about the Easter Bunny?

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