"Vagina" is a Four Letter Word in Dietrich, Idaho Schools


At a high school in Dietrich, Idaho, "vagina" is considered a four-letter word, as is "Climate change." It is clear that the use of these unholy words will corrupt the youth of Dietrich.

Science teacher Tim McDaniels has been accused of using inappropriate language in class by deploying word "vagina" while giving a lecture on biology and human reproduction in his tent-grade class. McDaniels received a disciplinary letter over his use of the word, as well as his video clip showing the effects of genital herpes and discussion of the use of contraceptives.

Similarly, McDaniels was censured for asking his students to write a critical response paper to "An Inconvenient Truth."

It’s clear that since none of the teenagers in conservative small-town America are having sex, teaching these 16-year-olds about human reproduction can do nothing but encourage them to become sexually active. This is obviously what McDaniel’s was attempting to accomplish by using the word "vagina" to describe the female genitals, which should properly be referred to as "untouchable flower" or "God’s temple."

But most certainly not "vagina".

The accurate biological terms should never be used for human genitals, and the act of non-consensual sex should be referred to as "God’s (unfortunate) will" or "the implied privilege of becoming a high school football player in rural America."

The same could be said for showing the image of herpes-infected genitalia; this image could only encourage curious teenagers to explore their sexuality. "An Inconvenient Truth" is obviously just as dangerous to the moral development of these teens, though don’t ask me to explain why.

Regarding his inappropriate lesson topics, McDaniels’ excuse was "I teach straight out of the textbook." He also said, "This sort of thing makes you worried about what you teach. That’s not right." Of course teachers should be worried about what they teach! Teachers everywhere should be censored by their surrounding communities, based on the religious beliefs of the towns' most conservative member!

Author’s notes:

1. Before you freak out, it’s SATIRE.

2. It has been shown in numerous studies that the only thing that has been effective in helping teens make responsible decisions about sex, is comprehensive sex education, and accurate information. Anything else is just a tool used to dis-empower youth, the effects of which can only be negative. It is far beyond time for mandatory, honest, responsible and accurate comprehensive sex, and health education that helps teens become more knowledgeable and more responsible with their bodies. Science classes should be protected as well from invasive, fanatical parents (I am not labeling all parents as invasive and fanatical). If you don’t want your kids to learn the basics of biology, and gain multi-sided perspective in science or any other subject, I have one word: homeschooling.