'The Hangover' As A Horror Film and The 6 Best Fake Trailers Ever


The usual complaint is that a book is far better than the movie (please imagine the following statement being recited in as snooty and stuck up voice as you can imagine: "The trailer was far better than the movie"). But every once in a while, a trailer comes around that outperforms a movie in every single way. See: Where The Wild Things Are and The Lorax.

With a proper soundtrack, a bunch of quick clips, and a barrage of camera angles and catchphrases, a great trailer is a piece of art. With only about two-and-a-half minutes to get across a point of a two-hour movie, there are a lot of different routes to take. There are so many different routes to take that with proper editing and soundtrack choice, a comedy could be made to look like a horror film, or vice versa. 

The Hangover recently received this treatment with a trailer recut as a horror film, joining a slew of other film's trailers that were recut into completely bizarre adaptations of the original movie. The results are hilarious, and prove that in just two minutes, a trailer can change the vision of a movie with ease.

Enjoy The Hangover and six other movies recut into trailers that will make you look at the original movies in a new light. (Note: there is some NSFW language in these trailers.)

1. The Hangover:

The premise of The Hangover really does make sense for a horror film. I kind of want them to turn it into one now.

And Alan is the man. 

2. Forrest Gump:

Is it appropriate to take a guy with a learning disability and make him look like a psychopath? Apparently the people behind this "Forrest Gump as a Horror Movie" think it is just fine.

Forrest is pretty creepy though, so fair enough.  

3. Mrs. Doubtfire:

The slow-mo opening of the door to reveal Ms. Doubtfire at the end is pure thriller movie gold. Wow. That is terrifying.

4. Dumb and Dumber:

Lloyd Christmas is one creepy dude. Watching this trailer reminds you of all the classic moments of one of the best comedies of all time. It also reminds you that we laugh at some pretty violent stuff.

The lesson, as always: slapstick comedy is the best kind of comedy. 

5. The Dark Knight:

Here's the first thriller turned to comedy, and it's effect is as jarring as seeing our favorite comedies as horror films. The Joker sure is one crazy ex-boyfriend!

6. The Shining:

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy." 

This shows the fine line between crazy for thriller and crazy for humor is a much closer line than you would realize. Jack Nicholson is one of the finest crazy/comedic actors in history.