April Fools' Day: What if 'Bang With Friends' Is The Greatest Prank Ever?


Many dream of finding true love the old fashioned way: meeting their other half serendipitously, going for a walk through the park after an afternoon of bright smiles and blushing cheeks, embracing with a tender kiss as the burning sun sets, and never letting go again. Just like in the movies.

But movies, shmovies. Some people are cool trying out Bang With Friends, the Facebook app where users anonymously click on their friends that they want to "bang" and then wait, because the friend will never find out that you want to hook up with them unless they are down to hook up as well; only when both app users click one another will they be alerted that they both want to bang.

Taking advantage of what is being referred to as "hook-up culture," or the end of courtship, the app takes the awkwardness out of being rejected, because the desired person has no idea they were sought after ...

... Unless the creators of Bang With Friends are pulling off one of the most elaborate, genius, and horribly mean pranks in April Fools' Day history.

Imagine on April 1, Bang With Friends emailing every "friend" a user wants to "bang" and ruining the anonymity behind it all. While appalling, it would be one of the most intricate and well-played pranks of all time.

When I first heard of Bang With Friends, my friends and I discussed that there had to be a catch. This anonymous app was creepy, and there must be some plan behind this other than setting up incognito hook ups. If it is the April Fools' Day prank I schemed up, the catch would be way more intense than I figured.

The amount of terrified, "I'm so sorry, I accidentally clicked the wrong button" emails sent out April 1 would be astounding. 

On March 26, Buzz Bissinger, the author of Friday Night Lights, released an article in GQ where he admitted to spending more than half a million dollars on Gucci clothing. The article will be in the April issue of GQ, so some figured that the story might be an elaborate April Fools' Day prank. GQ editor Devin Gordon put the rumors to rest.

Any time that a ridiculous story comes out around April Fools' Day it is fair to wonder if people are being serious or not. If, in fact, Bang With Friends is one elaborate hoax, the creators should be lauded for setting it up long before April was considered (they launched in January 2013).

There are some bizarre dating services out there. None, though, are quite as straightforward as the ridiculously named Bang With Friends. Bang is a harsh word for hooking up with someone, probably even too harsh. How could this not be a joke? 

So beware, Bang With Friends users. And don't be surprised when you receive an email from Bang With Friends on April 1 saying, "Happy April Fools' Day! We told all your friends you want to 'bang' them, good luck!"