NCAA Tournament 2013 in Gifs: The Greatest March Madness Moments


We're almost two weekends into the 2013 NCAA Tournament, and wow, it has been a blast. From high flying dunks to Cinderella darlings, it has been nonstop action. Sadly, we're nearing the end, as after Sunday, the Final Four will be complete and there will only be three games left in the tourney. 

So we can relive some of the greatest moments again and again, here are some of the best gifs from the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

1. Florida Gulf Coast Dunk City: 

This is one of the most amazing alley-oops in the history of the NCAA Tournament. The fact that this Florida Gulf Coast team had the gusto to dunk all over Georgetown is one of the greatest things I have ever seen on the basketball court. Confidence breeds more confidence. Florida Gulf Coast, the team of the tourney. 

2. Florida Gulf Coast Locker Room Dance:  

If anyone was going to steal the show from Dunk City, I did not expect it to be the trainer in the polo shirt. But his dance moves are spot on. 

3. Aaron Craft Being Aaron Craft: 

If I have to hear one more time about Aaron Craft being a "tough" competitor I may lose it. But that Aaron Craft is one tough competitor.

4. And Aaron Craft Hitting A Game Winner: 

Ohio State no longer being in the tournament is too bad solely because Aaron Craft was one of the most fun college basketball players to watch. H because he played so damn hard.

5. LaSalle Beats Kansas State: 

Whatever this celebration is, I'm in.

6. Wichita State Taking Elbows Like It's Nothing:

Oof. That had to hurt. But Carl Hall stayed in the game, and Wichita State went on to beat Ohio State to earn a trip to the Final Four. That's a nice way to forget you got elbowed in the face by a freight train.

7. Trey Burke Hits The Shot Of The Tournament Against Kansas: 

Michigan won this game even after being down by double digits without much time remaining for one reason: Trey Burke. Guy put the team on his back after having a scoreless first half and did some amazing things, including hitting this 30-foot game-tying shot. 

8. And Finally, Two Dancing Coaches:

No explanation really needed.

I'm going to miss March.