Game Of Thrones Live Stream: Where to Watch GoT Online


You thought I was going to link you to Game of Thrones, right?

Well then, sorry, brother. Much like the Wall in the North, HBO's air time is completely impenetrable. Unless you know someone airing a private live stream (in which case you should call me), the only option to watch Game of Thrones is through HBO Go or on a television set.

For the record, the air time is HBO, either on your cable television line or via Go, at 9 p.m.

But this IS the 21st century. If you're feeling frisky, you can Google your way to any number of Megaupload-style sites, but watch out for viruses, annoying ads, crappy image quality... and the fact that it won't be up until past 11 p.m., at the very least, because someone in a basement somewhere has to rip the the video and upload it to the seething masses of King's Landing.

To be clear, I don't endorse this course of action. You know what they do to pirates in Westeros.