23 Of the Best Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man In The World" Quotes (Part II)


Commentators continue to send in new Dos Equis, "the most interesting man in the world," quotes. The original essay I wrote with my son was published nine months ago.

To honor new these contributors, I offer 23 more quotes.

1. It was his idea to establish Policymic. He gave Horowitz and Altchek stock in the company because they were nice kids who attended a second rate school.

2. He often writes for PolicyMic and has never received a negative comment on any submission.

3. The PolicyMic editors have never changed a word he has written. Nor have they changed any lists from numbers to dashes, made any format changes, or altered his titles.

4. When he criticizes a fellow PolicyMic pundit, they immediately break down and weep, beg for forgiveness, and give him a mic.

5. He writes five essays each day to PolicyMic and has never received less than 50 mics, 200 comments (all favorable) and 1000 shares on any submission.

6. He never reads essays submitted by the likes of Condi Rice, Rand Paul, and Rush Limbaugh because he already knows what they know.

7. PolicyMic has limited his essays because the responses to them are so overwhelming that Policyic's computer systems overload and might crash

8. He exemplifies the finest traditions of Republicans, Democrats, independents, libertarians, conservatives, and liberals all at the same time.

9. Kim Jong-un and the Iranian Ayatollahs have invited him to inspect and approve their nuclear weapons programs.

10. He turned down the aforementioned invitations because it would put the U.S. at a great strategic disadvantage.

11. Golf comes easy to him so he plays alternate shot with himself — one shot with right handed clubs and the next with left handed clubs.

12. He bungy jumps with only one foot attached to the cord.

13. The Supreme Court has asked him to mediate in their confidential meetings on same-sex marriage.

14. He passed away three times, but God refused to let him die because mankind needs him so badly.

15. When he approaches his automobile, it starts out of respect.

16. The Nobel selection committee wants to honor him, but he is too busy to pick up the award.

17. A drop of rain has not fell on him for 25 years.

18. His fan club is so large that it stopped taking new applications.

19. When children see him, they call him, and not their fathers, daddy.

20. He was the only man to receive permission from the Vatican to be a Catholic priest, marry, and have children.

21. He is the only person ever to win an Oscar and an Emmy for a TV commercial.

22. When he visits the pope, the pope kisses his ring.

23. When he feels ill, his country declares a national day of mourning and lowers all flags to half mast.