Kimye Baby Names: What Will It Be?


Everyone is excited with the recent news of the gender of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby, due in July. It's most likely a girl, and one thing is for sure: much like Blue Ivy Carter, this little lady will come out being cooler than you or I will probably ever be. However, the world is still unsure of what name the couple will choose for their little princess, though some potential names have been mentioned. The obvious assumption would be that the baby will have a 'K' name, as is the tradition in the Kardashian family and it seems perfect with both Kim and Kanye being 'K's as well, but it looks like this might not be the kase. Taking a break from defending ridiculous comments about her pregnancy weight gain, Kim said that they keep a list of names they like, some 'K's and some not, though a decision has not yet been made. So here's a list of the few that have been mentioned so far:

1. North – That's right, North West. This was one of the first baby name rumors to come out and it was thought to be Kanye's idea. This name is certainly clever and could be cute. Though on March 29 it was reported that Kim would not be naming her baby North and these reports were false. Bummer.

2. Easton – There is still hope for all the cardinal direction fans out there. When Kim appeared on The Tonight Show on March 28 she told Jay Leno that she liked the name, Easton, and thought it was cute but that it may or may not be in the running.

3. Khrist – My personal favorite, this one could sure stir up some drama. This name idea was apparently spilled to the press from a close friend of Kim and Kanye's and seems pretty out there, or does it? Let's not forget that the father of this child is calling his next album 'I Am God.' So doesn't it make a little bit of sense for God's child to have such a name? Not only does it promote Kanye's new album (Pro tip: when considering the name of your first born child, don't forget to think about how it could help to further your career), but it also has the Kardashian 'K'! Sounds like this out-there name could be just right.

All this talk of names is of course not the only fuss around this famous pregnancy, as people seem to be deeply bothered by Kim's weight gain. Kim expressed her frustration with this kind of talk with Extra's Maria Menounos saying, "There are maybe two or three covers just this week that say I am 200 pounds. I'm like, 'You are 60 pounds off here.'" A woman gaining weight while she's pregnant? How strange and unacceptable.

So I'll be on the edge of my seat come July when Kimye's little bundle of joy pops out and we get to see what ridiculous name was chosen for her. Will they go with something clever and direction-related or Biblical and edgy? Or perhaps maybe something normal like Katherine or Kelly? No way, that would be too crazy.