What is Gmail Blue? It's Way Better Than Google Glass


Gmail Blue is what we’ve really all been waiting for. It provides us with the same Gmail we know and love in beautiful cool, dulcet tones that soothe. For years researchers have been trying to figure out how to turn Gmail Blue, but until recently the technology just wasn’t available. The researchers and developers at Gmail didn’t settle on blue right away. They tried orange and brown as well. In beta testing however, brown turned out to be disastrous. The team at Google settled on blue after taking some queues from Mother Nature herself. It’s an exciting change after Google’s reliance on primary colors since its initial launch back in 1998. in Here’s a look:

So if you haven’t guessed by now, it’s just one of numerous Google April Fools jokes. If you’ve watched the video you will notice some subtle ribbing of Google’s competitors. One of the lead “designers” of Gmail Blue says, “How do you completely redesign and recreate something, while keeping it exactly the same?” The jab is an obvious reference to Windows Blue. Windows Blue is the codename used for what is essentially an upgraded version of Windows 8. The improvements to Windows Blue are largely UI related, enhanced functionality for users with touch screens and greater color options. These improvements don't seem to address some of the other larger problems that Windows 8 is accused of having, like not working at all. 

Microsoft wasn’t about to let the Google have all the fun. For users that go to the Bing homepage they will find everything largely the same until they type “Google” into the search field. Users will find themselves transported to a Bing that looks eerily similar to its competitors search engine. The website would appear to be poking fun at what it describes to be a boring UI with even more boring search results. 

I expect this will be the first of many pranks we will see through out the day.