Google Nose: Smell Your Way Through The Internet


It is the year 2013. Technology appears to be at its peak with implications of even further reach into the distant future. One day we all very well may live on Mars with fly cars and brain chips that can change television channels at will. Google has always been on the forefront of amazing, innovative ways to explore the world through the internet.

It’s the new scentsation in search on the web, according to the website. And it’s currently in beta mode, available on any computer near you.

This creation has been dubbed as Google Nose.

Were you ever curious about a scent? Were you ever in the mood to smell something, but didn't have the physical means of accessing that special odor, such as rose or the addicting smell of a gas station on a hot summer afternoon? Well, look no further. 

Google boasts that Google Nose offers the "sharpest olfactory experience available." Upon hearing of this new found discovery, I was skeptical. How can it be possible, I wondered, to be able to smell things from the screen my Macbook Pro? Shouldn't there be an app I have to download? Some sort of special technology I'd have to get installed first? Could I really Google my favorite wine and get a sharp whiff of vaguely fruit fragrance? Little did I know, the answers to all of my questions would go beyond expectation. From my cynicism arose a new reverence for Google's capabilities. In lecture hall or the local Starbucks, I now realized that I wouldn't be alone in holding my face so close to my computer screen. There are no apps or no weird installations. All you need to do is type and click. The sheer simplicity alone is remarkable. 

Are you in the mood for waffles? Google Nose it. How about rain? Google Nose it. And manure? If that's your thing — go to Google. You won't be let down by the sheer accuracy the Google Aromabase has to offer. 

You can only smell it to believe it — try your nose at it today