6 Best College April Fools' Day Pranks


College dorm life is arguably the best and worst time in your life. Sure, there may be the occasional cockroach, loud drunk people screaming in the halls late at night, as well as the constant smell of sweat, beer and puke. But, on a day like April Fools', it is an absolute golden day to live in a dorm and have roommates. Given the nature of today, I decided it would be a good idea to provide the masses of college students some of the best pranks to play on their roommates and floor mates. Here are some pranks I've seen been done first hand, and some that I think would be epic if carried out correctly: 

1. The classic telling your friends you're pregnant:

I admit, I've fallen victim to this prank. As students in college, it is not all that unrealistic to have an unplanned pregnancy, especially in this day and age. My roommate last year, who had recently gotten into a relationship, told me the condom broke and she thinks she's pregnant. She started to tear up on the spot as well as tell me that she was two weeks late in receiving her monthly gift.

Because I am horrible under pressure, I then started to cry and reassured her everything was okay. She even bought a pregnancy test, and asked me to open it and read any directions. Instead of the directions inside a box, it was a slip of paper that read "April Fools!" I could have killed her.   

2. Clear plastic wrap on the toilet seat:

When you really have to use the bathroom, it's rare you are going to examine the toilet seat in your own room. While this is a potentially messy prank, as your excrement's will sit atop of the tight plastic wrap put over your toilet, it will be sure to freak your roommate out and thoroughly confuse them. Going to the bathroom is a very personal act, and this will certainly get under their skin to give you a good laugh.

Dixie Cup prank

My roommate and I did this to our suite mate. The only needed supplies are Dixie cups and water. Essentially, it entails laying out a 100 pack of the cups all over the prankee's desk, floor, bedposts, you name it. Then individually fill up each cup with water. As they won't think twice about walking into their own room, each filled up will serve as mini water explosives that will spill and make a mess in their room. It's so annoying if you are the one who it is being done too, but so worth it if you get to watch it happen.  

4. Move their s**t into the hallway:

What better way to confuse your roommate if you move all of their stuff into the hallway? It might be a struggle to get a whole bed out the door, but clothes, shoes, desk, chairs and so forth can easily be stuck out there for all to pass and see. Just make sure whomever you're pranking wouldn't get actually angry that you touched their stuff …

5. The dead (but giant) bug in an envelope prank:

My dad apparently used to do this to his brothers when they were all away at school. His dorm was infamous for having giant water bugs scattered in the halls, so naturally he thought it would be a good idea to gather the dead ones and send them via mail to his siblings. By the 2-3 days it took to reach them, the bug already started smelling and rotting. So, it could really freak a person out to do the same to your friends at different schools or even in different dorms. It's a little twisted, but nonetheless hilarious.

6. Life size cardboard cut out of a person prank:


There was an incidence that happened the other week that led me to include this prank. My neighbors have a life size cardboard cut out of Alan from The Hangover, and decided to put it in our other neighbor's shower when they weren't home on a Friday night (they keep the door unlocked, so it was a prime opportunity). They came home late that night from going out, and woke up the next morning truthfully believing there was a man in their shower. Apparently, the way the sun from the window hit the opaque shower curtain created a shadow that exactly resembled the outline of a man. After screaming and running out of the room, all three of those roommates left their room and called University Police. As expected, the police came to their room and were knocking and yelling on the door with this supposed man was.

Long story short, they discovered the man in their shower was actually Alan, and all had a good laugh. People, especially hung-over people, are dumb, so this is really easy to accomplish.