Google April Fool's Day Pranks: Google Nose, Treasure Maps, and Four Others Test Your Savvy


If we know anything about Google, it’s that they are never satisfied with just one April Fools prank. Here’s a look at some of the other pranks Google has for today.  

Google Maps: It's always been lacking in one very specific subject area, Treasure. Now, with Google Treasure, users can explore 2D maps to various hidden treasure locals around the world. A word of caution though, Google Treasure won’t work on hi-res computers. Consider downgrading to papyrus and as always, watch for Pirates. It's a visually stunning masterpiece. With sepia-tone and “Conical View” the user is transported to a land of rich colors and buried fortunes. Happy Hunting. 

Google Nose BETA: Now you can stop searching and start smelling. The program allows individuals to search using Google Aromabase, now equipped with High-Res SMELLCD.  

YouTube: Google’s shutting it down. Sorry baby sloths, your fifteen minutes are over. YouTube has acquired an expert panel of judges and will take the next decade to decide what the winners of YouTube. See you in 2023 everyone. I predict the winner will be a video of a child dressed up like a sloth, wearing a cat hat, crawling up or down the stairs and landing in a box.

Google +Emotion: Allows the addition of emoticons to pictures as a way of more accurately describing what emotion the user was experiencing at the moment the picture was taken. Finally, a way to show how I feel :/. 


Google Apps: The Levity Algorithm now makes everything in your workplace more exciting. Instead of “Benefits Meeting” in Google Calendar, users will see the meeting renamed to something that they would actually attend like “Cat Videos and Pizza.” Increased attendance is guaranteed.  

Google Analytics: All active users are now located in the International Space Station-Control Room, great SEO everyone! When astronauts are viewing your web page you know you've finally won.