Top 5 Cities For Godless Atheists


Compared to the 40% of all Americans who call themselves very religious, the 31% of Americans who consider themselves not at all religious is somewhat smaller. However, it is a number that is growing rapidly; this is the highest point its been in history. So which cities in America are the most godless?

Here are the top five cities to find other non-devotees in the United States, according to Gallup.

Trends in geography tend to point to the East Coast as the place where atheists and nonbelievers tend to congregate. Regardless of demographics, non-believers are becoming more visible all over the country. Here's what to expect from the most godless cities in America.

1. Burlington, VT

Burlington Vermont is not only one of the coldest cities in the country, but also the least religious. The city hosts over five free-thinking or atheist groups in the city, and decidedly fewer churches. 

2. Boulder, CO

Image courtesy of The Blaze.

While Boulder skews away from the tendency of nonreligious cities to be located on the coasts, it ties with Burlington for least religious city in the nation. Atheists in Boulder received national attention for their billboard calling God an “imaginary friend” in 2012. It’s also the home of Carol Fiore, who is writing a book on grieving for nonbelievers. 

3. Manchester, NH

Photo by Andy Tucker.

New Hampshire is the location of Eternal Earthbound Pets, a service that would take care of your pets on the occasion of Rapture: Manchester nonbelievers seem to have a more serious approach regarding their lack of faith. Recently a lobbying section of the Secular Coalition of America has opened a chapter to advocate seriously for those that do not believe in a God. 

4. Portland, ME

Photo courtesy of B School.

Portland, ME is actually more godless than its better known, hipper cousin, Portland OR. With only 22% of the population particularly religious, Portland has also has atheist groups lobby local military outposts to have atheists recognized as a religious group to build community.

5. Santa Rosa, CA

Image courtesy of Photo City Data.

Finally, we have Santa Rosa CA, the warmest spot on the list and the only on the West Coast. Santa Rose College has a thriving atheist club on campus, and the city itself has equally thriving non-believer groups.