PolicyMic Launches the April 50 Under 30 Challenge


PolicyMic is launching the most elite millennial writer competition in America, the April 50 Under 30 Challenge, in which we’re searching for 50 new smart, young writers under the age of 30, within the next 30 days.

PolicyMic is the No. 1 news site for and by millennials. Our community of 1,600 Pundits are the sharpest and savviest millennial thinkers who are passionate about the world and love discussing the most important news topics of the day. Our pundits have grown PolicyMic to over 4 million unique viewers per month. As a result of their high-quality articles, our community has helped attract high-profile public figures like Rand Paul, Rush Limbaugh, Chris Kluwe, and Barney Frank to write for PolicyMic.

During the month of April, we’re offering new writers the chance to compete for a spot on the PolicyMic writing team.

Here’s how it works:

1) If you’re brand-new to PolicyMic, apply to become a one of April's 50 new writers. Deadline: Monday, April 29. Email Caira Conner (caira@policymic.com) (Subj: April 50 Under 30 Challenge) with the following:

- Resume + Section you want to write for (Politics, Culture, Feminism)

- A short post in which you teach us something you’re awesome at doing. HINT: Be as creative as possible!

The editorial team will review all applications, and new recruits will be notified of their status within 24 hours. If accepted, we’ll introduce you to the PolicyMic community via our newsletter, which goes out to 20,000+ subscribers. You’ll become a regular member of our writing team and gain access to our rockstar editors who will help you produce viral content and publish on PolicyMic. We’ll unveil you along with all of the April 50 Under 30 pundits in a special post on the site.

 2) If you’re already a pundit, help us find new writers! If you successfully refer 5 new friends who get accepted into the April 50 Under 30 Challenge, we’ll help make you even more of a star – by making you a PolicyMic Expert, doing extra promotion of your articles on social media, and spotlighting you as a Pundit of the Week.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: This is not a paid employment position.