World As 100 People Infographic: It's Going Viral


Well this is certainly one way to get some perspective on the world. 

This graphic came out six days ago on the website and already has 81k views. The creator, Jack Hagley, is a graphic designer located in the United Kingdom. Jack took data from the website and translated it into the beautiful infographic you see above. The 100 people project breaks down the Earth's 7 billion humans into 100 representational ones as a way of simplifying statistics. It's certainly easier than sifting through a massive data set. Your daily dose of reality brought to you once again by math.

Here's some of the data that surprised me the most:

Only 5 people would speak English

83 would be able to read and write; 17 would not 

7 would have a college degree

22 would own or share a computer

What do you think about it? Was there anything in the graphic that shocked or surprised you?