5 Most Horrific Sports Injuries of All Time (Well, Almost)


Facts are facts:

When your occupation requires you to perform great feats of athleticism, you run the risk of getting hurt. Just ask Kevin Ware, the Louisville Cardinals guard whose recent injury sent horrified shock waves through the sports-viewing public.

Athletes get injured all the time, but more often than not they recover and return to play again. Sometimes they improve, sometimes they get worse. But the most painful of these injuries have a way of staying with us, no matter what the athletes accomplish in their wake.

Here are five of the most horrific sports injuries of all time:


1. Willis McGahee Breaks His Leg Against Ohio State.

2. Josh Cribbs Knocked Out by Baltimore Ravens

3. Adam Greenberg Sustains a Consussion When A Baseball Hits His Head

4. Wrestler Sid Vicious Breaks His Leg During a High-Flying Move

5. Joe Theismann Get His Leg Broken During a Tackle

NOTE: I've deliberately excluded some graphic hockey injuries I came across. But if you're a real glutton for punishment, click HERE. (WARNING: This video is bloody).