Forget the Hadouken: 15 Gaming Super Moves to Do in Public


Now that the Street Fighter special Hadouken is legit viral, we are no longer “immature” for doing super moves in public. Of course, why stop there when you have so many other great techniques to pull off? So, for your viewing pleasure, here are 15 video game moves to execute on your friends (or nemeses) in public.

1. Get Over Here! – Mortal Kombat

Special points for being the only Mortal Kombat move that won’t decapitate someone. Use a chain link spear or, if you have a decent budget, demonic snakes. Also worthy of mention is Johny Cage’s Nut Cracker. Yes, it is as obscene as it sounds.

2. The Jump – Super Mario Bros.

Because your friends should not get to sit immobile without getting pounded upon. Also consider doing this to a sleeping parent or grandparent; the older, the better.

3. The Kamehameha – Dragonball

Technically not a video game but just had to throw it in, simply because it makes the Hadouken look like a two-second punk. For the sake of authenticity, before you fire it, charge it for the duration of six half-hour episodes.

4. The Shoryuken – Street Fighter

The real Street Fighter move that should have been highlighted in this meme. Bend real low, bring your fist straight up and jump with all your might. Your baby brother’s chin won’t know what hit it.

5. The Crowbar – Half-Life

Guns are for the untrained masses. As a Ph.D-holder from MIT, all you need is a crowbar.

6. The Portal - Portal

Fire an imaginary gun, go in from one door and come out from another. Also, promise your friend there's going to be cake ... when there isn't.

7. The Arrow to the Knee – Elder Scrolls V: Skryrim

The meme that preceded (i.e., plagued the forums prior to) the Hadouken. If you don’t have the courage to do it, at least keep the meme alive in random conversation; I used to do so…until I took an arrow to the knee.

8. The Eating – Kirby

If trans fat ever get banned, this is where I'm getting my fix.

9. The Pickpocket – Fallout III

To fill that gap between what you have (pictured above) and what you want (pictured all around you on billboards).

10. The Capture – Pokemon

Throw a rock at your friend’s head and watch as they writhe in pain after. If they stop and lie there motionless, you just caught a Pokemon. If they fight back (above), you need to poison, freeze, burn or paralyze them. IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

11. The Snapshot – Dead Rising

Go into a mall and start taking pictures of people that walk slowly or have unappealing skin. Survival is not guaranteed.

12. Bust a Move – Dance Dance Revolution

Do so in public and people will join in.

13. The Carjacking – Grand Theft Auto

Now, when someone steals a car in real life, politicians can blame video games and PolicyMic.

14. The Contortion – Tetris

Try to fight yourself and twelve other friends in a Prius. A good use of your Saturdays.

15. Parkour – Assassin’s Creed

Just wear a hoodie and jump across some rooftops. If someone calls the cops and cries thief, correct them and say, “No, assassin.”

Of course, gaming has hundreds of other dangerous moves (because we gamers don’t think of the children) so be sure to share your favorites in the comments below.