This Picture Of Alex Rodriguez On the Cover Of the New York Times Is An Instagram Photo


On Sunday, the New York Times published a photograph of New York Yankee Player Alex Rodriguez on their front page. The big deal? The photo was taken through an iPhone and was edited and posted through Instagram. The use of the photograph has sparked a lot of controversy and many critics are arguing that apps like Instagram are threatening to change the face of traditional photography. On the contrary, I think Instagram is helping discover new talent and allowing people to connect through a visual medium.

Instagram is a social media app that allows you to share your world through photographs. It has helped give new definition to the blogosphere and contributes to the global conversation through images. It not only allows individuals to instantaneously share what they are seeing, experiencing, or eating, but also allows them to give their perspective a little flair. You can edit the images by using a filter or fixing minor imperfections.

Instagram is the place to find the first photographs on breaking news stories, popular events, and a birds eye view of the world. Want to know what looks are coming down the runway during Fashion Week? How about the energy level Coachella? Instagram allows users to connect on a whole new level.

I agree that traditional photography is a skill and requires a lot practice. I have utmost respect for photographers who take the time and effort to get the perfect shot. The amount of time that goes into finding the perfect angle, taking the shot with the right lenses, then producing the image in a dark room, is all part of a rewarding experience. However, it is a dying art that sometimes fails to keep up with the speed at which we exchange information. Many news reporters are willing to compromise on the quality of images when reporting breaking news.

Instagram has helped discover new talent. It also helps people become more interested in mediums like photography. The app in a way helps nurture rookies and teaches them how to take a picture. If you follow the company’s account on the app, they feature different accounts every week to showcase some of the best pictures being shared. Sure, there is definitely an over saturation of cloud pictures, but every image speaks to some individual out there. Just like all social media, you have to weed out the good and the bad.

Apps like Instagram provide new sources of inspiration. It allows people to showcase their talents in a new way. At any given moment, you can open the app and see the latest makeup trends, or get a closer look at Rihanna’s personal life. Follow the hashtag #ootd to see the latest fashion trends. Instagram allows you to connect with people on an even more intimate level.

The app is helping give photography a much-needed face lift. Social media fuels a global conversation, and who said it can’t be done through pictures as well. Twitter statuses and Facebook comments have altered the media industry and have encouraged smarter dialogue. Instagram also works in the same way because you can post pictures as an event is happening even if you don’t have a digital camera or DSLR handy. The filters on the app also help give your pictures the perfect finishing touch. A normal looking picture can instantly be enhanced into something beautiful through a click.

The effects of technology and social media are now spilling over to photography. The use of Instagram images will not destroy the photography industry, but instead it will help it grow even more.