Drop in Unemployment Rate Improves Barack Obama's 2012 Reelection Chances


The nation’s unemployment rate continued to fall in December to 8.5%, the lowest level in nearly three years as the private sector added a healthy 200,000 new jobs. The new numbers will reshape the 2012 election by giving President Barack Obama a much-needed boost, while diminishing Republican arguments that the president is a job-killer. They will also shake up – yet again – an already volatile Republican primary as well as a general election that will be close and agonizing.  

As a result, here are 12 predictions for 2012:

1) President Obama’s reelection chances will improve as a result of a slow, yet continuous economic recovery, if the euro zone doesn’t implode and we don’t go to war with Iran.

2) Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, “Mr. 25 percent,” will go from “the politics of this president are killing jobs” to “the politics of this president are not creating enough jobs.”

3) Obama’s former ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, will surge as the last of the “anti-Romneys” until the GOP establishment eventually rallies around its watered down frontrunner Romney at his coronation in Tampa, Fla.

4) The Democrats will finally abandon class warfare rhetoric to focus on a message of smart government partnering with the private sector to promote economic growth.

5) Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry will delete his Twitter account, only to open a new one the next day and rack up 1 million followers in 48 hours with his first tweet “Winiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

6) Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s libertarian crusade will continue to garner national support and the media will continue to ignore him.

7) Minnesota congresswoman and former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann will be defeated in her district reelection bid after admitting she repeatedly “misspoke” during her failed presidential campaign’s speeches. She and husband Marcus will then go on to audition for reality television program Dancing With the Stars.

8) Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown will prevail over Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren as the economic justice meme that fueled her campaign fades away and Brown is associated with having supported President Obama’s successful initiatives in the face of unanimous GOP opposition.

9) Fox News Channel will fire contributor Sarah Palin and substitute her with former Republican presidential candidate and pizza magnate Herman Cain after the smashing success of his “9-9-9 Revolution Solution” bus tour.

10) The rumors that Obama will propose Hillary Clinton to be his new vice presidential nominee will subside.

11) Republicans will remain the majority in the House of Representatives and will regain control of the Senate.

12) Obama will defeat Romney in a close and agonizing race.

What other 2012 predictions can you think of?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons