Hulu Announces Premiere Of "Inspector Spacetime" and "Space Teens" on April Fools' Day


Yesterday on April Fools' Day, Hulu pranked its users by announcing the premieres of shows within shows like Space Teens from How I Met Your Mother, and Inspector Spacetime from Community. Other shows it claimed to premiere included The Rural Juror and MILF Island.

Inspector Spacetime, which is a clever rip-off of the equally awesome British sci-fi show Doctor Who, is introduced in Season 2 of Community (again, another awesome show that is woefully underrated) to help Abed, one of the main characters, get over his depression over the mid-season break of Cougar Town. It quickly becomes his and his best friend Troy's favorite TV show, and many hilarious scenes in the show center on their re-enactment of Inspector Spacetime episodes.

Space Teens, on the other hand, was introduced in the sixth season of How I Met Your Mother. The imaginary show stars the infamous Robin Sparkles, the Canadian pop star alter ego of main character Robin Scherbatsky. In the show, Sparkles, along with her best friend Jessica Glitter, use math to solve crimes in space.

Needless to say, as a fan of both How I Met Your Mother and Community, I was a little too excited at the prospect of being able to watch these shows. Then, a few seconds later, I realized what day it was.

Thank you, Hulu, for crushing my hopes and dreams.